Chatica Maiz Mote Blanco (500g pack)

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Chatica Maiz Mote Blanco (500g pack) - This is a unique product from Latin America.

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Chatica Maiz Mote Blanco (Box with 20 packs of 500g each) - In Peru and Colombia, mote refers to husked white corn kernels that have been boiled with charcoal or firewood, today with calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) powder. - This is a unique product from Latin America. Its use dates back more than 7000 years ago, with the pre-Columbian cultures like the Incas. - The mote (cooked corn) is part of the daily meals of families "cuencanas", who says: "It's the food we eat as children, our parents left us this tradition. You put it in the middle of the table a plate of steaming mote, so that diners bite while food is served. Sometimes it is accompanied with cheese and pepper." - It has a high carbohydrate content. For every 100g there are 25g of carbohydrates. But treated polysaccharide carbohydrates (complexes) that unlike the (simple) monosaccharides originating from the refined flour not only contribute with calories and nutrients, but sugars too. This quality gives the body energy, which is recommended to be used by athletes and growing children. For his constant physical activity they require energy. Another nutritional property located in this cereal is that it does not fatten people if consumed moderately. A third property of the mote is fibre. A fourth benefit is an antioxidant for the content of beta carotene, a vitamin A component produced in the body's defences. The B vitamins such as B1, B3 and B9 containing also aid in the functioning of the central nervous system. It is a complete food that also gives you minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorus. A MUST!

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