Chatica Mora Pulp (12 packs of 500g)

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Chatica Mora Pulp Frozen - Special Andean Blackberries found only in the Andes, with its own particularly refreshing taste (Box with 12 packs of 500g each)

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Chatica Mora Pulp - These small purple berries are very similar to blackberries with a tart flavour. Yes, it’s a blackberry, but unlike the one you know. The 'Mora Andina', the Andean blackberry, is a botanical species found only in the Andes, with its own particularly refreshing taste! What’s so special about this berry? 'Rubus glaucus', commonly known as 'Mora de Castilla' or 'Mora Andina', grows in most Andean areas at altitudes of up to 3000 meters. It’s a South American mountain berry rather than a tropical berry. In Colombia alone, nearly 15,000 farmers grow 'Mora Andina' on small parcels of land, often in highly remote areas of the country. The berry contains B Group Vitamins and Vitamin C and is rich in iron, calcium and phosphorus and has potent antioxidant properties. It has also a low natural fruit sugar (fructose) content, which accents its uniquely refreshing, acidic and slightly bitter tones. As a consequence, with 52kcal per 100g our Mora product is low in calories. Mora has the richness of rhubarb and tartness of cranberry. Mora is great for jams, jellies, tarts, sweets, desserts, sauces, and for meat and poultry. It's fruity and full-bodied and has a natural kick, you can make rich and low calories drinks as smoothies, juice, nectar and even drink it as an alternative to a nonalcoholic red wine. It is simply delicious. You must try our authentic Andean Mora!

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