Chatica Lulo Pulp (500g pack)

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Chatica Lulo Pulp Frozen (500g pack)

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Lulo is an exotic fruit with a citrus flavour that is popular in Colombia. 'Lulada', is a popular, cold, and refreshing drink from El Valle region of the country. It is made with mashed Lulos, lime juice, water, sugar and ice. There are other traditional Colombian drinks made with this fruit as well, such as 'Champús', and 'Jugo de Lulo', the latter being the most common way to use Lulos in Colombia. However, Lulo is not only used to make drinks, there many other Colombian recipes that use this delicious fruit. Some examples are, Lulo ice cream, jams, jellies, mousse (Esponjado), Tarts and Savoury sauces for meat or poultry. Lulo is also known as 'Naranjilla' or 'little orange' and grows on bushes. It is native to the Andes mountains. The fruit has a leather like orange skin covered with a hairy fuzz. The inside looks like green tomato. The interior of the fruit is separated by membrane walls into four sections, each containing a juicy pulp that is vivid green to yellow in colour and speckled with small pale yellow seeds. Oftentimes Lulo fruits will be covered in fine spiny hairs. The flavour is often described as more like pineapple, kiwi, lime, or rhubarb. Lulo is rich in Calcium, Fiber, Iron, Water, Phosphorus, Vitamins A, B3 and C. Why not try it now?

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