Chatica Passionfruit Pulp (500g pack)

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Chatica Passionfruit Pulp Frozen - Maracuyá (500g pack)

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Chatica Passionfruit Pulp - Maracuyá - the oval yellow passionfruit is the most common variety. Our pulps are taken from the ripe fruit (when the hard skin is wrinkly). We cut it in half and scoop out the gunky insides which are full of small seeds. Maracuyá is low in calories and contains Vitamins A, B & C, in particular B3 Niacin and Passiflorin, a mild sedative. In Latin America, a glass of Maracuyá may be given to hyperactive children to calm down before bed. It is also used as a natural tranquilliser for adults. The Golden Passionfruit, is a vine fruit with intense flavour which makes wonderful aromatic juice, sorbets, ice-cream, pavlovas and cheesecakes. As versatile as lime, it draws out the flavour of other foods. Sweetened, it makes a nice spread, mousses and desserts. It is also used as sauce in savoury meals. Whatever the use of it you will never be shorten of this delicious authentic South American fruit! Try it now!

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