Chatica Corn Husks (1kg pack)

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Chatica Corn Husks - Hojas para Tamales (1kg pack)

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Chatica Corn Husks - Hojas para tamales. Dried corn husks to make tamales. They come in concha shape. If you have ever eaten a traditional tamale, then you have already experienced the cooking power of corn husks. If you haven't, it's about time you try a delicious tamale. But you can use Corn Husks on other dishes, you can add it to your stock pot for extra-woody flavour, which could be nice in a mushroom soup or corn chowder. Or like a tamale, use those husks as a wrapper for sticky rice in place of lotus leaves. But you can take it one step further and use it for both their flavour and wrapping abilities by grilling some seasoned fish inside, like en papillote. You can give your corn husks a quick rinse or soak in warm water so they get pliable. Then shake to take off the excess water and place the husks on a plate and rub olive oil over the leaves. From there you can add your spiced fish and grill it until its cooked. This is just one idea of a simple recipe to show you how easy it is to have a delicious and exotic meal using Corn Husks. You must try it!

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