Chatica Dehydrated Coconut (250g pack)

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Chatica Dehydrated Coconut - dried coconut meat is healthy (250g pack)

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Chatica Dehydrated Coconut - dried coconut meat is produced from mature coconuts as they have a higher percentage of meat to water and it’s thicker and denser. Mature coconuts also have a higher level of fat. This is because when the coconut becomes fully mature, the meat contains an abundance of oil. Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat that promotes health and healing. There is also a significant amount of fibre in dried meat. Apart from its health benefits it is delicious on its own, or made into a sweet, dessert, biscuits, cakes, shakes, etc. It is a must to have a pack of our authentic South American Chatica Dehydrated Coconut at home! Don't forget to grab yours!

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