Chatica Cinnamon Sticks (40g pack)

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Chatica Cinnamon Sticks - simply the best (40g pack)

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Chatica Cinnamon Sticks - Cinnamon is a spice, used in cookery as a condiment and flavouring material, obtained from the inner bark of several trees from the genus 'Cinnamomum' that is used in both sweet and savoury foods. It is used in the preparation of chocolate, and many dessert recipes, such as apple pie, doughnuts, and cinnamon buns as well as spicy candies, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and liqueurs. Cinnamon is also used in savoury dishes of chicken and lamb. Cinnamon and sugar are often used to flavour cereals, bread-based dishes, such as toast, and fruits, especially apples. In Colombian cuisine it is used for both sweet and savoury dishes. Cinnamon can also be used in pickling, in thick soups, and drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic). Whatever its use you must have our Chatica Cinnamon Sticks!

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