Chatica Ground Achiote (100g pack)

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Chatica Ground Achiote - Annatto is popular Latin American spice (100g pack)

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Chatica Ground Achiote - Achiote is popular Latin American spice. It is an orange-red condiment and food colouring derived from the seeds of the achiote tree (Bixa Orellana) and is often used to impart a yellow or orange colour to foods, but sometimes also for its flavour and aroma. It goes by the name of annatto in English. Achiote or annatto is mainly used to give a golden orangish colour to the food. Its scent is described as slightly peppery with a hint of nutmeg and flavour as slightly nutty, sweet and peppery. Achiote is a must have for things like 'refrito' or 'sofrito', as well as for many soups, stews, and rice dishes. It is also used in marinades for both meat and seafood. Its use too in some other traditional dishes like 'carne colarada' or achiote braised meat for example, which use a lot of the spice and you can actually taste it in the dish. In other words, you must grab it to try!

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