Chatica Raisins (12 packs of 200g)

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Chatica Raisins - Uva Pasa Negra (Box with 12 packs of 200g each)

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Chatica Raisins - Uva Pasa Negra - Chatica raisins are the considered one of the best dried fruits from Colombia, they may be eaten raw or used in baking, brewing and cooking like in savoury dishes, cakes, salads, cakes, breads, sweets, savoury dishes, etc. and as a nutritious snack, rich in dietary fibre, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, minerals, vitamins and other micronutrients. They are high in certain antioxidants, and are low in sodium and fat, and contain no cholesterol. The overall nutritional value of raisins means that they are recommended as a snack for both weight control and for maintaining good human health because they help the control of glucose and cholesterol, the good functioning of the digestive system and the regulation of blood pressure. You must try our Chatica Raisins!

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